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style guide...

If you find something you would love to wear for your session, but maybe it is out of budget and/or not something that would be worn again, feel free to ask me if it's something I would want for my client closet. This mainly applies to items for moms. If it’s something I end up wanting to keep for my client closet, a deep discount would be applied to your session.


Earth tones are fantastic and look great in-camera and on your walls. This includes rich colors such as rust, deep greens, mustard, etc. Soft or natural tones also photograph well. Everyone should coordinate but not match!!! No one should be wearing the same two exact colors or having kiddos in the exact same matching outfit.  An example of coordinating colors would be Olive & Mustard. 

The colors you chose will also affect the way my editing style reads on your images. It is best to stick with colors similar to my portfolio and Instagram feed, these images are probably what drew you to my work in the first place.

Please try avoid wearing black - wear brown, olive, charcoal instead. I prefer no light blues or very little blue in general.

Below are colors that I prefer you not to wear and their alternatives that do edit well with my style:

White - Wear cream or tan instead.
Teal - Wear emerald or olive instead.
Any bright summer colors (coral, yellow) - Wear the muted alternative instead;
Coral - rust or maroon.
Yellow - tan or mustard.


Coordinate by mixing patterns/prints and solids/textures. They help add movement, dimension and visual interest to your images. Long flowy dresses, maxi skirts, chunky sweaters & cardigans, lines/gauze, fringe, corduroy and statement jewelry. Mix and max a variety of textures both within each outfit and across your whole family. 

For women/girls hair, I usually suggest wearing it down, half pinned, or adding braids.

If you search “boho braids/hairstyles” on Pinterest, you’ll find lots of great ideas for adding character to your hairdo.


Besides adding depth and visual interest, adding layers to your wardrobe gives your images a sense of coziness and warmth. Cardigans and even blankets look great worn off the shoulder.


You’ll want to put each of your family members in different contrast values so that they stand out from each other. For example, if mom wants to wear a dark color dress, dad can be in a lighter shade and baby/child in a medium tone.


Skin makes images feel intimate. Show as much skin as you’re comfortable with while keeping it classy!


No tennis shoes, flip flops, crocs, etc. No shorts, unless they are being worn by a toddler, and no ball caps, if we can avoid it. I know us mom's like to purchase things with room to grow, but clothing items that are clearly too big will not photograph well. Use bloomers under dresses for babies/toddler to prevent diapers from showing. Avoid large bows as they can cause shadows on faces. Try to also avoid logos!